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Inspiring Change Within

In a recent conversation with one of our youth group facilitators and a superintendent to schools, we discussed how the value of learning is really only met when a student can personally connect with the subject and make it meaningful. This led us to what we, as facilitators and teachers, need to do to inculcate this personal connection to learning within a classroom and student environment. We realized that in order for learning to be personally meaningful to students, the act of teaching had to be just as (if not more) personally meaningful to teachers and educators. Here is an emailed paragraph from one of our facilitators before she left to attend a Changemaker Workshop:

“When I think of future generations, what concerns me is their disconnection – from self, community, and the natural world – especially with the increasing use of cell phones and computers. It’s up to us to pass along to our children what it means to be connected, what it means to be a compassionate humans living in a way that serves all beings in the web of life. 

To further explore my role in that vision, I currently facilitate youth leadership and nature programs, where I support young people on the adventure to be their authentic selves, find their voice, build meaningful relationships, and experience themselves as important contributors to the community of life.
Will you join me in saying yes to empowered youth, yes to a healthy and harmonious world, and yes to a planet where all life thrives?”
When I read this, I can’t help but feel the excitement, personal connection and passion that she brings to her work with youth. Imagine if all educators could tap into this and share it with others? Our hope is to create dynamic learning experiences, both within and without the classroom, to teach youth to have the passion to bring their gifts into the world to make it a better place. We had better start with ourselves.
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